kimono: asos  top: asos  shorts: zara  sandals: zara  sunglasses: ray ban  purse: michael kors  necklace: kate spade  watch: fossil

I love being a tourist in my own city. There are so many different neighborhoods in LA that you can always find a new corner to explore. This Sunday I made my way over to Echo Park, an area I haven’t visited since I was in High School. The park surrounds a gorgeous little lake with a water feature that attracts both paddle boaters and ducks alike. I didn’t get to rent a paddle boat this time, but I’ll definitely have to do it next time I’m in the area (hopefully soon).

I wore my kimono for a Sunday spent at the park, because it’s not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. I was able to lay down under the trees and feel completely relaxed in this cover up. This kimono will be in heavy rotation all summer long.








Some of the beautiful scenery and animals at the park

echo park

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Summer Cool

top: zara  shorts: american eagles  sandals:zara  purse: michael kors  watch: zara  sunglasses: ray ban  necklace: kate spade

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to stick to basic and simple pieces when it comes to my personal style. However, when the summer rolls around, I start adding more bohemian-esque clothing into my daily routine. Everything from flowy tops to embroidery becomes a basic staple as the mercury rises. This may have to do with the festival style that is so influential at the moment and flooding my Pinterest feed daily. While I do love festival style, I tend to lean towards bohemian inspired pieces in the summer because they evoke a sense of careless cool. And in the end, summer is a time to be carefree and laid back while simultaneously looking polished.









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 t-shirt: gap  shorts: american eagle  sandals: zara  necklace: revolve clothing  sunnies: ray ban

I’m finally back in LA for the summer. It feels great to have graduated from Penn State and settle back in at home. I’m currently looking forward to spending the summer relaxing by the beach and pool before I have to start Grad school in the fall. Summer is probably my favorite season, even though I’ve come to realize that it’s summer year-round in LA, after living in PA for two years. Regardless, I have always loved summer and the carefree spirit that sweeps over everyone. Plus the dressing is easy and you can eat popsicles whenever you like.

When it comes to my style in the summer or any time of year, I like to keep things simple. This is why I usually stick to the basics and gravitate towards neutral colors. And while I will always love my basic white tee and black skinny jeans they can sometimes get a little boring. So when I feel the need to elevate my basics a bit, I turn towards accessories, especially jewelry. And this gypsy inspired statement silver necklace did just that, took my white tee from basic to something much more interesting.











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I have been contemplating buying a pair of Birkenstocks for the past couple of months, and I still can’t make up my mind. I have always associated the sandals with hippies and being overly concerned about the environment. However, these sandals have had a come back in the past year and are on everyones feet lately; but not everyone wearing them is blatantly a free spirit making their own granola. The sandals have been made in Germany for the past two hundred years and are actually good for your feet, which I’m sure you can’t say about most of your other shoes. All these reasons have been nudging me to buy the easy and comfortable sandals, and these photos just prove that they have lost their groovy image. 


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Black and White


leather jacket: zara sweater: mango shorts: zara boots: dr martens watch:fossil

Weather in State College is being strange as always. There has been one weekend in 2014 where it was actually above 70 degrees, but unfortunately I was locked inside swamped with school work. Since then it hasn’t been nice or spring-like once. Finally this weekend it felt like it might be warm enough to actually wear shorts. This was the first time I left the house with my legs exposed. It was a strange and exciting feeling since it was the first time this year my legs finally got to feel the warm embrace of the sun (which is why they’re so pale). While it was sunny it was still a bit windy, and this is where my handy leather jacket came in. I had to have something that was easy to throw on over shorts and still stay warm when the winds got in high gear.

It felt great to take advantage of the warm weather this weekend, since it looks like it will pretty gloomy for the next week according to yahoo weather. At least I won’t be tempted to go out and can stay in and focus on my finals which are coming up in less than two weeks. Speaking of finals I should probably be studying for those right now.