t-shirt: gap  shorts: american eagle  sandals: zara  necklace: revolve clothing  sunnies: ray ban

I’m finally back in LA for the summer. It feels great to have graduated from Penn State and settle back in at home. I’m currently looking forward to spending the summer relaxing by the beach and pool before I have to start Grad school in the fall. Summer is probably my favorite season, even though I’ve come to realize that it’s summer year-round in LA, after living in PA for two years. Regardless, I have always loved summer and the carefree spirit that sweeps over everyone. Plus the dressing is easy and you can eat popsicles whenever you like.

When it comes to my style in the summer or any time of year, I like to keep things simple. This is why I usually stick to the basics and gravitate towards neutral colors. And while I will always love my basic white tee and black skinny jeans they can sometimes get a little boring. So when I feel the need to elevate my basics a bit, I turn towards accessories, especially jewelry. And this gypsy inspired statement silver necklace did just that, took my white tee from basic to something much more interesting.











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