Black and White


leather jacket: zara sweater: mango shorts: zara boots: dr martens watch:fossil

Weather in State College is being strange as always. There has been one weekend in 2014 where it was actually above 70 degrees, but unfortunately I was locked inside swamped with school work. Since then it hasn’t been nice or spring-like once. Finally this weekend it felt like it might be warm enough to actually wear shorts. This was the first time I left the house with my legs exposed. It was a strange and exciting feeling since it was the first time this year my legs finally got to feel the warm embrace of the sun (which is why they’re so pale). While it was sunny it was still a bit windy, and this is where my handy leather jacket came in. I had to have something that was easy to throw on over shorts and still stay warm when the winds got in high gear.

It felt great to take advantage of the warm weather this weekend, since it looks like it will pretty gloomy for the next week according to yahoo weather. At least I won’t be tempted to go out and can stay in and focus on my finals which are coming up in less than two weeks. Speaking of finals I should probably be studying for those right now.



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