Anatomy of a Cheese Board


No party or get together is complete without some cheese or charcuterie. When I go out and order a cheese plate at a nice restaurant I’m always impressed by the layout and pairings of the cheeses. I wanted to recreate a cheeseboard at home that would compare to one I could get an upscale restaurant. 

The main components

Crackers: The ones I chose are from lesley stowe called raincoat crisps. They have flavor variations but my favorite are the salty date and almond crackers. These crackers are probably my absolute favorite especially as an accompaniment to cheese. 

Fruit: Grapes are always good on a cheese board, but figs are actually my go to, they just aren’t  available anywhere in State College fresh. 

Crunch: Something crunchy is always necessary, nuts are ideal especially walnuts or almonds. 

Brine: I chose olives for this plate, which I personally don’t enjoy, but I know so many others who do. Another good choice would be some charcuterie such as proscuitto. 

Sweet: There are plenty of sweet options on this plate including dates, honey, and quince paste. 

And the stars of the plate are of course the cheeses including a Manchego, goat milk Gouda, Humboldt fog, Petit Basque, and a soft Chèvre. All of these cheeses are either sheep or goat cheese which are a nice contrast to the typical cow’s milk cheese. 



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