Breakfast For Dinner


Eggs are definitely on the list of my top 10 favorite foods. They are versatile, delicious, and never disappoint anytime of the day. While most people reserve eggs for breakfast, I think they can be best enjoyed for dinner. I especially love them fried on top of almost anything from burgers to noodles. A fried egg makes any dish taste that much better. Don’t you think so?

For dinner last night I wanted something simple that involved eggs, this lead to the shakshouka. I had a shakshouka for the first time while in New York for Thanksgiving at Jack’s Wife Freda. They had a green shakshouka served with challah bread, that I immediately fell in love with. Ever since that time I have always tried my own variations at home with tomatoes, spinach and other ingredients that are on hand. After all shakshouka does mean mixture, and I enjoy experimenting with different combinations of mixtures. This shakshouka that I adapted from frites & fries, incorporated chickpeas, spinach, and crushed tomatoes for a satisfying and comforting dinner that could also be enjoyed for breakfast.







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